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Well, Results Are In...

The results are in. Linda Sajor-Joyce received 6,948 votes or 58%, Rachel Roberts Boyd received 3,250 votes, or 27%, and I received 1,705 votes, or 14%.

Polls Have Closed

The polls closed for the 2020 Montana Primary Election at 8:00pm tonight.

Polls Closing Soon!

There are just a couple hours until polls close on the 2020 Montana Primary Election. Make sure your ballot has been turned in to the county election office by 8:00pm so your vote can be counted.

Odd Not Working the Election

This is the first time in about 20 years I have not been working an election in some capacity. It is a little discordant...

It's Election Day!

It's election day for the 2020 Montana Primary. Make sure you get your ballot in by 8:00pm. If you aren't registered, you can register and vote at the Civic Center.

Primary Tomorrow!

Get your ballots turned in, if you haven't already. Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2, 2020 is the Montana Primary Election. Ballots must be received by 8:00pm Election Day to be counted!

Turn in Your Ballot Tomorrow

If you haven't already turned in your ballot, make sure you get it in tomorrow. You'll need to take it to the election office yourself.

Montana Primary Is this Coming Tuesday

Remember, the 2020 Montana primary is this coming Tuesday, June 2. Ballots must be turned in to the election office by 8:00pm!

Remember to Get Your Ballots In!

Ballots are due at the election office no later than 8:00pm Tuesday, June 2, 2020 for the Montana Primary Election. Be sure to get yours in so your vote gets counted. Remember, every vote matters!

Deliver Your Ballot in Person

Election Day for the 2020 Montana primary is coming quickly. If you haven't already mailed your ballot in, you will want to turn it in in person.

Get Your Ballots in the Mail!

Today is probably the last day to get your ballot in the mail and be assured it will get to the election office by June 2, 2020!

Get Your Ballot Returned!

Be sure to get your ballot turned in in time to get counted. It should be in the mail today (5/26/2020) or tomorrow (5/27/2020) at the latest.

Remember to Return Your Ballot

Remember to return your ballot. If you are mailing your ballot, you want it in the mail no later than May 27 to insure it arrives in time to be counted.

You Should Have Your Ballot

by now you should have your primary election ballot. If not, check your status.

Your Signature Envelope
Your Signature Envelope

The signature envelope protects your privacy and identifies you to election officials.

Your Secrecy Envelope
Your Secrecy Envelope

What do you do with your mail-in ballot once you have completed it? You put it in your secrecy envelope and seal it.

You Have Three Ballots

You get three ballots in your envelope. Pick ONE to vote.

Received My Ballot Yesterday!
Received My Ballot Yesterday!

I received my ballot in the mail yesterday - Just two days for delivery.

Ballots Are Going Out!

Ballots start going out in the mail today. Voters should receive them shortly.

Montana Standard Reports
Montana Standard Reports

The Montana Standard reported today on the three candidates running for Butte-Silver Bow Clerk and Recorder.

Ballots Going Out Friday

Ballots will start going out this Friday, a week from today some voters will have their ballots...

Some Signs Are Out
Some Signs Are Out

Some yard signs are going up around Butte. Let me know if you want one!

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Are you registered to vote? if you aren't sure, you should check. If you know you aren't you should get yourself registered.

Are You Registered?

Are you registered to vote? if you aren't sure, you should check. If you know you aren't you should get yourself registered.

Check Your Voter Registration

With all precincts in Montana voting by mail in the June 2, 2020, primary, it is important that your voter registration is up to date.

Mail Ballot Primary in Silver Bow

Silver Bow County will hold our primary election as a mail-only election. If you aren't sure if your voter information is up to date, check with the Secretary of State's web site.

Governor Authorizes All-Mail-In Primary

Governor Steve Bullock issued a Directive yesterday allowing all spring elections in Montana to be completed by mail. Hopefully all election offices will be following this option to keep voters and election officials safe.

A Week and a Half In...

It is a week and a half since the March 9 deadline for candidates to file to be on the ballot.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Or, at least an interesting one... It is odd to drive through Uptown Butte on the afternoon of St. Patrick's Day and not have to negotiate crowds.

Election Officials Needed

Election officials or election judges are always in need to make our elections run smoothly - and to insure everyone's vote is counted.

Officially Filed
Officially Filed

It's official! This past Thursday I officially filed with the Silver Bow County Clerk and Recorder as a candidate.

Donations Needed

I need donations to help cover the expenses of running a campaign. First I need to cover the nearly $400 filing fee... You can make donations through PayPal from any page on my web site.

Take a Look at the Web Site

Take a look at the Keith for County Clerk and Recorder web site. You can make a donation or submit your testimonial or endorsement, and learn a little about what I am already doing in Silver Bow County and Butte!

Keith Seyffarth Announces Campaign for Clerk and Recorder

Keith Seyffarth of Walkerville announced this week that he is running for Silver Bow County Clerk and Recorder in the 2020 election.

Support the Campaign!

The campaign is not accepting donations at this time. If you wish to help pay off the campaign's debt to the candidate, please contact me at