Keith for Silver Bow

Keith for Silver Bow

Keith Seyffarth working at the Montana Folk Festival as an Ambassador

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Remember to return your ballot. If you are mailing your ballot, you want it in the mail no later than October 26 to insure it arrives in time to be counted.

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Many of you will recognize me from my many community service activities in Butte relocating here in December of 2008. If you don't know me, I'm Keith Seyffarth and I am running for Silver Bow County Clerk and Recorder. I see myself as generally moderate, though fiscally conservative. I believe in a responsible and accountable government at all levels, personal freedoms and liberties, and individual accountability.

Keith Seyffarth with a friend in Las Vegas

I am running for Clerk and Recorder to bring a breath of fresh air into the office. Much of the Clerk and Recorder's duties relate to record keeping and information management. With my background in web development and database management, I understand keeping records and how to make them available. When elected to office, I will learn the specific processes currently in use, and work with the staff to find places to improve efficiency and accuracy. The other major aspect of the Clerk and Recorder's duties is running elections in Silver Bow County. We need to continue to work to keep our elections safe, free, and free from tampering or fraud. As Clerk and Recorder, I will work with the Montana legislature on election related bills to insure that there is no interference in our elections. I will also strive to improve, where possible, internal processes to make sure every vote continues to be counted and to insure as many of our citizens vote as possible.

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